• importance-of-fertilising-turf

    Keep it Green: The Importance of Fertilising

    Fertilising isn’t just for avid gardeners; it should be done by everyone with a garden, lawn or plants in order to keep them healthy and thriving. In Queensland’s climate, we have the opportunity to grow a wide variety of species in our yards.  However, non-native plants, as well as turf often need a little extra… Read more »

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  • turf-winter-grass

    Should I Lay Turf in Winter?

    Whether you have just built a new house, are selling your property, or just want to spruce up your tired looking back yard, new grass has huge appeal and can transform an outdoor space. A lot of people are under the impression that you can’t lay grass during the cooler months, when in fact the… Read more »

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  • Keeping your lawn healthy during autumn - Go Turf

    Maintaining your lawn during autumn

    Autumn is an interesting time of year for gardens, especially in Australia, where our autumn is can be quite warm. It is the best time to prepare your lawn for winter and sets the condition for the year ahead. Here are some techniques, tips and information regarding your lawn care this autumn. Mowing Like most… Read more »

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  • Preparing The Soil For a New Lawn

    Getting the soil right is the most important aspect to a healthy lawn. Learn how to do this easily and correctly, with an informative video showing you what to do. Whether you hire a contractor, or do it yourself, this information will help you prepare for your new turf grass.

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  • Lawn Grub and Disease control

    The first step to solving lawn grub and disease diagnosis is proper identification. After that there are many ways to control them, or as a preventative to make your lawn stronger so it can better handle these problems. Whether it’s Army Worm to Fungus disease, this Video will help.

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  • Lawn Mowing Tips

    There is a lot more to mowing a lawn than just pushing the mower. You need to get the height right in sun and shade, as well as removing just the right amount of leaf. Mowing in wet weather is easier if you know how, and learn how to de-thatch your grass with a lawn… Read more »

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  • Watering and Fertilising Your Lawn

    Learn how to water your lawn to become more drought tolerant. Fertilising is important, and choosing the right type of fertiliser is the first step.

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